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Partnership with Parents

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and participate in activities. Any parent who would like to help in the school are more than welcome to join one of our meetings. Information is sent home with pupils to keep parents up to date with school events, activities and meetings.

We are very keen that parents feel able to be involved in their child’s education and learning, that they are active participants in the life of the school and they feel able to express their views on school education generally.

All parents of children at Heriot Primary School are automatically members of our Parent Council. School staff and community members also have places on the Council.


The Parent Council work hard to raise funds to support the school by organising events. They also have an active role in the decision making process and are regularly consulted upon regarding recommendations, changes and improvements.

Where raised money is spent...

Additional Support Tools

Providing the best equipment to enhance the pupils learning is essential but not always available. The Parent Council step in and provide funding for applications like SumDog which is not only educational, but fun. Also funding and building the outdoor classroom.

Outdoor Equipment

With money from fundraising events, the Parent Council have gifted the school outdoor sports and play equiptment including scooters, football goals, bikes, helmets and games.

Excursions and Trips

Out of school experiences are vital to broaden and enrich kid's learning experience and with this in mind, the Parent Council help to finance and arrange outings whenever suitable opportunities arise. 

Current Parent Council

Chairman  |

Secretary  |

Treasurer  |

Steff Potter

Alison Crabbe

Helen Brinkworth

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