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Our Vision & Values

At Heriot School we want staff and pupils to have high expectations of learning in order for everyone to realise their full potential. As a school community, we will ensure best use and appreciation of our unique outdoor learning environment. A sense of pride in ourselves and our school will be promoted through celebration. We will foster an inclusive and nurturing environment through encouraging kindness, equality, fairness and respect.

Challenges, resilience and growth mind set in all stakeholders will be encouraged and supported and a belief in lifelong learning will be instilled. We will celebrate differences and similarities to ensure that

everyone is valued and that our community continues to thrive. We aim to achieve this through fostering positive relationships with parents and the wider community.

Rights Respecting


Positive Mindset





Curriculum for Excellence

Literacy & English

Learners will work on reading, writing, talking and listening.


Children will develop an understanding of Sciences, Planet Earth, forces, biological systems and material. Also Social Studies, the past, environments and societies. 

Expressive Arts

Lessons take various forms including drama, music and art techniques.


We look at developments in society, designing, problem solving, ICT skills to enhance learning.

Numeracy & Maths

Teachers will help pupils work with all types of numbers as well as shapes, measurement and information handling.

Health & Wellbeing

As an Active School, we investigate healthy eating, keeping fit, mental and emotional health and about choices and change.

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